Bold Measures are Needed to Improve Investment in Higher Education

April 12, 2024
Michael Horn


The stakes for higher education have never been higher as the educational landscape sees rapid evolution. As universities and colleges grapple with the dual challenges of technological disruption and increasing demands for accessible, quality education, the question of how best to implement investment in higher education becomes a priority. This debate has been ignited further by recent conversations dissecting the systemic problems facing higher education and proposed bold solutions. This has sparked conversations among educators, investors, and students alike, highlighting a pressing need for innovative approaches to funding and structuring higher education institutions. 

What strategies can ensure that higher education remains a driving force for societal progress and individual success in the 21st century?

For the latest segment of “The Future of Education,” host Michael B. Horn and author Dianne Tavenner, seek to answer that question and more in an episode featuring Stacey Childress, Senior Advisor at McKinsey and Company. The episode explored some insights generated by several conversations, focusing on the investment strategies that can help higher education adapt and thrive. 

Their discussion also explored:

  • The role of venture capital in shaping the future and investment in higher education.
  • Strategies for bridging the gap between educational institutions and the demands of a rapidly changing job market.
  • The importance of fostering innovation within existing educational models to enhance accessibility and relevance.

Stacey Childress is the Senior Advisor at McKinsey and Company. She has years of experience in both education and entrepreneurship. Childress started her career as a classroom teacher, and then later a software entrepreneur and faculty member at the Harvard Business School, where she specialized in entrepreneurial activity in public education. Her work has spanned writing books, authoring case studies, and leading organizations such as the New Schools Venture Fund and AREDAF, always with a focus on improving educational outcomes for students. Her unique perspective combines deep insights into the challenges and opportunities within higher education with a passionate commitment to student success.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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