A Pioneering Approach to Education: Khan World School at ASU Prep

May 22, 2023
Michael Horn


In the wake of a global pandemic that has drastically altered the landscape of education, educators and institutions alike are exploring innovative methods of teaching and learning. Among the pioneering approach many educators are adopting, is the Khan World School, a unique initiative by Khan Academy in partnership with ASU Prep Digital. Their goal? Reimagining online schooling and fostering a virtual community that is just as enriching and engaging as its physical counterpart. A year into this venture, the initial results are nothing short of astounding.

But what does this mean for the future of education? How is another pioneering approach changing the face of online schooling, and what are the implications for students, educators, and the broader educational community?

On this episode of “The Future of Education”, host Michael Horn, welcomes two remarkable guests to answer these questions: Sal Khan, the Founder of Khan Academy, and Amy McGrath, the COO of ASU Prep Digital. They discuss the inception, execution, and outcomes of the Khan World School initiative, providing invaluable insights into the evolution of online education.

Horn, Khan, and McGrath also discuss…

● The journey of the Khan World School, from a vision document to a fully operational online schooling system.

● The surprising and impressive growth results from students, defying the stereotypes of online learning.

● The development of an enriching online community that encourages discourse, respect, and mutual growth among students from diverse backgrounds

Sal Khan, a household name in the world of online education, is the founder of Khan Academy, an organization dedicated to providing a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. His partnership with Amy McGrath, a leader in online preparatory education, has resulted in a transformative model for virtual learning.

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