Systems Replacement in K-12 Education

August 21, 2023
Michael Horn

Systems replacement in K-12 education isn’t an overhaul of an outdated model; it’s rethinking education for the next generation’s success and beyond. Why now?

The future of K-12 education is poised to be revolutionized by disruptive innovations, with technology playing a pivotal role in shaping a more personalized and flexible learning environment. Expect “blended learning” to become the norm, combining online and traditional schooling to create a more tailored, competency-based education. Future classrooms may resemble start-up headquarters, with open, flexible spaces fostering creativity and collaboration. Teachers will continue to play a crucial role, with technology freeing them from mundane tasks and allowing them to focus more on individual student needs. While evidence of these shifts occurs in small, elite schools, the ultimate goal is to make high-quality, personalized, competency-based learning the standard in mainstream education.

Can education continue to improve the current system on the margins, or is a systems replacement in k-12 education necessary to drive success?

In this episode of The Future of Education, host Michael B. Horn engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Kelly Young, President and Founder of Education Reimagined, and Thomas Arnett, Senior Researcher at the Clayton Christensen Institute. Their conversation revolves around the need for a system replacement in K-12 education, the challenges of such a transformation, and the potential benefits of a learner-centered approach.

The main points of their conversation include the following:

● The need for a shift from a standardized, compliance-based model to a learner-centered approach that fosters human thriving and agency
● The challenges of implementing this transformation within the existing system due to various factors such as funding models, teacher certification, and parent views
● The potential of creating new value networks that support and incentivize learner-centered models of education

Kelly Young, a visionary in the field of education, is the founder of Education Reimagined, an organization dedicated to transforming the education system. She has been instrumental in bringing together diverse stakeholders to reimagine the future of education. Thomas Arnett, a senior researcher at the Clayton Christensen Institute, brings a wealth of knowledge from his decade-long experience studying organizations and their innovation ability. Together, they provide valuable insights into the future of K-12 education.

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