Digital Transformation in Education: Training Programs and Other Resources Can Help Teachers Feel Confident When Using New Technologies

May 1, 2024


Navigating the digital transformation in education, “Unbox Innovation” by Boxlight, hosted by Amy Shadroff, addresses the crucial role of technology in modern classrooms. As educators worldwide adapt to a post-pandemic environment, integrating digital tools in teaching and learning has become more significant than ever.

In this era of evolving classrooms, how can educators bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and digital tools, ensuring a smooth and impactful integration that empowers students to learn effectively?

“Unbox Innovation” features a dynamic discussion with Farah Ihsan, the North Region Education Consultant at Boxlight, and Emily Turk, the Central Region Education Consultant at Boxlight. They delve into:

  • The evolution of classroom environments with the advent of technology.
  • Effective strategies for educators to adapt to new tech tools.
  • The influence of technology in boosting student engagement and creativity.

Farah Ihsan shares her unique teaching experiences before and after the pandemic, highlighting the rapid integration of technology in classrooms. Emily Turk contributes her insights on the disparities in technological resources across different educational institutions, a critical consideration in the digital transformation journey in education. This conversation not only explores the current state of educational technology but also paves the way for future innovations in this rapidly evolving field.

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