Emotionally Engaging Content Creates Better Learning Outcomes

June 21, 2021

Celebrating the leaders and experts that are powering education into the future, host JW Marshall sets out to ask the “right questions” in EdTech to understand the changes in policy and technology that will power our universities, tradeschools, and companies – and drive growth in upskilling certifications.


How has e-learning transformed in terms of workplace training and adult learning over the last decade? Where is it headed next? Christy Tucker is a Learning Experience Design Consultant for Syniad Learning, and author of the Experiencing Elearning blog. She joined host JW Marshall for an in-depth discussion of the trends.  Tucker specializes in scenario-based learning using storytelling and technology to help create better learning experiences.

“I see increasing interest in doing more than just checking a box to say the training was done,” Tucker said. She believes the e-learning field is pushing away from a single course model to a wider variety of solutions including micro-learning, scenario-based learning, blended learning, and virtual instructor-led training.

“If you can put some of this in a story and have an emotional connection you’re much more likely to change attitudes or motivate people.” -Christy Tucker

The pandemic accelerated a move toward online learning and remote work has become more commonplace and organizations are looking for ways to scale training for a distributed workforce. Tucker sees this move to hybrid and remote work solutions creating a growth area in e-learning.

Are new technologies like artificial intelligence for content creation going to take the place of instructional designers? Tucker believes technology will augment the work of designers and points out that, “we are a very long way away from AI being able to do anything with emotional content.”

Tucker sees emotionally engaging and scenario-based solutions as essential to the future of e-learning. While it may be easy to list content and facts, she believes that “If you can put some of this in a story and have an emotional connection you’re much more likely to change attitudes or motivate people.”

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