From Botany to Bridgewater: Behind the Numbers with Unlimited Funds’ Bob Elliott

July 20, 2023
Joshua Wilson


For a better perspective on the U.S. economy, looking behind the numbers for a proper understanding of where things stand is helpful.

As Americans grapple with the shifting dynamics of its economy, a new narrative has emerged, challenging the collective understanding of where the economic heartbeat of our nation truly resides. People have grown accustomed to Silicon Valley and Wall Street as the standard bearers of growth and prosperity. Yet, more than two-thirds of large urban counties experienced population decline in 2021, seeking suburban and small metro counties. This shift signals the need for recalibration in our economic mindset, prompting a pivotal question.

Can the economic power of small-town America and Main Street be as potent as that of Wall Street and Silicon Valley, and how do they interact and influence each other in our increasingly interconnected economy?

In the latest episode of Untamed Ethos, Dr. Joshua Wilson, Founder of United Ethos Wealth Partners, sits down with Bob Elliott, Co-Founder, CEO & CIO of Unlimited Funds, to go behind the numbers. Their expansive discussion journeys from the frenetic energy of Wall Street and the innovative realm of venture capitalism to the under-appreciated economic drivers in America: Main Street and small-town life. Their dialogue shatters some preconceived notions while delving into the world of hedge funds and the democratization of such investment vehicles.

Throughout the episode, three key points rise to the surface:

  • Despite the seemingly dominant narratives, the true drivers of the American economy reside in Main Street and small-town life.
  • Everyday decisions of individuals on where and how they spend their money are more impactful to the economy than often acknowledged.
  • Hedge fund strategies, previously accessible only to a select few, can be democratized and made accessible to everyone through vehicles such as ETFs.

Bob Elliott is a recognized figure in the world of finance. A co-founder, CEO & CIO of Unlimited Funds, Elliott is known for his innovative approach to asset management. He brings decades of experience in hedge fund management. Elliott’s educational background is as impressive as his professional track record, boasting a degree in Botany that brings a unique perspective to his approach in the finance industry. This unusual combination of skills has earned Elliott numerous accolades, positioning him as a leading voice in today’s financial discourse.

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