On this episode of The eLearning Alchemist: Quicksilver, where host Clint Clarkson will share a behind-the-scenes look at online education and his eLearning Alchemist podcast, Clarkson was joined by Sharon Claffey Kaliouby.

Claffey Kaliouby is the Vice President, North America for Learning Pool, the co-founder of the #WomeninLearning Initiative, the 2018 Learning Professional of the Year and one of 2019’s Top 50 Leaders in Learning & Development.

Clarkson and Claffey Kaliouby spent this episode of The eLearning Alchemist, Quicksilver discussing Claffey Kaliouby’s experience in founding the #WomeninLearning initiatives, challenges and opportunities moving forward, and empowering more women to lead in the eLearning industry.

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