IP Endpoint: A Comprehensive Solution for Critical Alerts and Daily Communications

June 15, 2023

AtlasIED has proven itself to be an efficient tool for daily communications in various settings such as schools and hospitals.

Equipped with integrated microphones and speakers in its IP endpoints, the system facilitates hands-free, two-way communication, creating a seamless intercom experience in classrooms and offices. Coupled with this is the InformaCast software, a partner application that houses a scheduler. This scheduler allows users to create ring lists, bell schedules, and select audio files or visual notifications, providing an easy, customizable solution for various communication needs.

From announcing achievements at a school, signaling shift changes, to notifications of newborn arrivals in hospitals, AtlasIED serves as a public address system that exceeds standard expectations. Simultaneously, its visual signaling capabilities offer inclusive solutions for individuals with hearing disabilities, demonstrating the system’s commitment to accessibility.

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