Istation Reimagining Education

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

In this video, Istation’s Vivkie Whitfield, VP of Education Expertise, Peter Jacobson, Senior Product Manager, Jessica Jenkins, Product Manager at Istation, and Christy Spivey, VP of Customer Success present their vision for reimagining education and evolving alongside the changing landscape of the education system. Recognizing the importance of supporting educators, they emphasize the need to save time for teachers who play an awesome role in shaping students’ lives. The focus is on transforming the educator experience by providing a world-class recommendation engine that delivers timely information and insights. One exciting feature is the introduction of a weekly recommendations section, akin to a social media feed, acting as a central command center for teachers to stay informed about their students’ progress and take appropriate action.

The video also highlights the significance of using Istation as intended, acting as a guiding coach for educators and providing the necessary support at every step. For students, Istation is introducing new features such as tracking their program engagement time across different subjects and creating grade-specific experiences that cater to the developmental needs of learners at different levels. These enhancements include interactive elements that add moments of whimsy, making the learning experience engaging and captivating.

Istation’s commitment to successful student outcomes is evident through their customer success team, which collaborates closely with educators. Their goal is to make educators’ lives easier by understanding their challenges and providing the necessary tools to accelerate learning for all students. In line with this objective, Istation is reimagining education by building an educator community, fostering connections, and creating opportunities for growth and learning. The aim is to establish trust and assure educators that Istation is a reliable partner in supporting their teaching journey.

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