Navigating Emergencies with Visual Alerts

December 19, 2023


In today’s episode of School Safety Today by Raptor Technologies, Michelle Dawn Mooney sat down with Natalie Mactier, CEO of Vivi International. Natalie discusses the evolution of classroom technology into an integrated school safety communication system that includes:

• Highly targeted emergency notifications and integrations with other security systems, enhancing campus safety and situational awareness.

• Using visual alerts in school safety strategies that ensure inclusivity for all students and staff, regardless of language fluency or auditory abilities.

• Customizable templates for various emergencies, like natural disasters or campus intruders ─ aligned with standard response protocols.

Guest Natalie Mactier is the Chief Executive Officer for Vivi International Pty Ltd. Her leadership has guided the development of Vivi into a multifaceted communication tool that enhances classroom learning and plays a crucial role in campus-wide emergency response systems.

She is also on the board of Webcentral Ltd. and WebCentral Group Pty Ltd. In the past, she occupied the position of Chief Executive Officer at School Places Pty Ltd., Manager-Public Relations at SEEK Ltd., Manager-National Sales at Europcar Mobility Group SA, Chief Executive Officer of Pty Ltd., and Principal at Ansett Airlines.

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