Navigating the New Normal: How Front Row’s Education Technology is Adapting to a Changing Landscape

May 1, 2023

In this enlightening discussion, Tyler Kern engages with Jens Holstebro, the President of Front Row, to delve into the state of education technology and its response to the changing academic landscape. The conversation sheds light on the challenges faced by schools during the pandemic and Front Row’s resilience in overcoming them.

When schools unexpectedly closed their doors in the spring semester, educators were thrust into a realm of uncertainty. However, Front Row quickly adapted and now finds itself in a unique position. The company’s solutions are in high demand, evoking a mix of gratitude and a sense of triumph over adversity. Front Row’s relevance has allowed them to effectively serve schools, even during these difficult times.

The upcoming academic year’s federal safety guidelines play a vital role in shaping the classroom technology market. As schools interpret and implement these guidelines, the demand for specific technologies will soar. The discussion emphasizes the importance for providers to align with schools’ urgent requirements, resulting in a narrower range of relevant education technology solutions.

Furthermore, regional disparities among school districts and municipalities impact Front Row’s operations and the wider edtech industry. The conversation acknowledges that catering to diverse needs is inherent to the industry’s nature. Leveraging its five decades of experience, Front Row swiftly identifies and adapts to evolving needs through its strong customer relationships. Additionally, the differences in reopening schedules across regions will drive priorities and urgencies for both schools and providers.

As the new school year approaches, the discussion explores the potential integration of in-person and virtual learning environments. Front Row’s success story in Texas exemplifies its ability to effectively cater to this hybrid model. The company’s audiovisual platform seamlessly facilitates communication between in-person and remote learners, as it is fully integrated into classrooms. Front Row’s flexibility and adaptability align with the evolving needs of students and educators.

The integration of technology between teachers and students becomes paramount, necessitating simple and user-friendly solutions. Front Row’s technology enhances the role of educators rather than replacing them, ensuring a smooth learning curve for teachers. This, in turn, helps maintain the quality of education even during unprecedented times.

Jens Holstebro, President of Front Row, envisions technology adoption and digital tools playing a significant role in education beyond the pandemic. The discussion highlights the industry’s rapid progress and society’s increased acceptance of digital solutions. As we navigate the new normal, Front Row remains at the forefront of education technology, poised to empower schools and educators with innovative and transformative solutions.

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