TEDx Champion: Perseverance and Unfinished Business in a DisruptED World – Part 2

October 19, 2023
Ron J Stefanski


Continue the journey through perseverance and unfinished business with TEDx Champion Nicola Morgan.

In a world still grappling with the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the educational sphere finds itself at a juncture of re-evaluation and innovation. The pandemic laid bare the necessity for resilience and adaptability in navigating the health crisis and ensuring the continuity and efficacy of learning amidst unprecedented disruptions. A notable pivot in educational strategies aims to foster a culture of perseverance and resilience among educators and students alike. According to a report by McKinsey, the pandemic-induced “learning loss” has affected an estimated 1.6 billion students globally, underlining the urgency of addressing this issue.

How can the principles of perseverance and resilience, often hailed in individual triumphs, be integrated into the broader educational framework to mitigate the impacts of such disruptions?

In this second DisruptED conversation with Writer and TEDx Champion Nicola Morgan, host Ron J. Stefanski continues to explore the intersections of personal perseverance and the collective endeavor of fostering resilience in educational environments.

Stefanski and Morgan discuss the following:

  • The importance of creating a sense of belonging and structured routines to counter the adverse effects of pandemic-induced disruptions in the educational landscape
  • The translation of personal resilience and perseverance into actionable strategies in educational training and consulting, aiding in the holistic development of students and educators
  • The potential of integrating lived experiences of overcoming challenges into educational methodologies, offering a real-world perspective, and inspiring a culture of resilience

Nicola Morgan brings a rich blend of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the table. A seasoned educator, she transitioned into training and consulting, establishing NSM Training and Consultancy to share her insights on nurturing resilience among educators, parents, and students. Her journey from a dedicated teacher to a global trainer and her notable accomplishment of swimming the English Channel adds a unique dimension to her approach towards education and resilience. Nicola’s commitment to providing practical, effective, and simplistic solutions to educators, as echoed in her company’s social media testimonials, exemplifies her mission to equip the educational community with the tools necessary to navigate the multifaceted challenges of today’s world.

Be sure to catch the first installment of Stefanski and Morgan’s conversation.


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