Reflections on the Santa Fe High School Tragedy

July 10, 2023
Mike Matranga

In this episode of SecurED, host Mike Matranga welcomes Scott Rice, the spouse of a survivor from the Santa Fe High School shooting, to share his remarkable story. Together, they explore the aftermath of the tragedy, the importance of advocacy, and the legislative efforts that have shaped school safety policies. From forgotten shootings to the unsung heroes, this powerful conversation sheds light on the resilience and determination of those affected by the Santa Fe tragedy.

Main Points:

  • Scott Rice’s transformation after the Santa Fe shooting and his commitment to helping others.
  • The instrumental role of advocacy in establishing new legislation and mandates for school safety.
  • Reflections on SB 11, the changes made, and the ongoing challenges in implementing effective measures.

Guest Bio:

Scott Rice, a family member of a Santa Fe survivor, is a passionate advocate for school safety. With firsthand experience of the tragic shooting, Scott has actively participated in legislative efforts and community initiatives to drive positive change. His unwavering dedication to ensuring a safer future for students and educators has made him a recognized figure in the aftermath of the Santa Fe High School tragedy.

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