Reframing and Refocusing Technology for Classroom Instruction

November 8, 2023


Unbox Innovation, a Boxlight Podcast, examines the challenges and opportunities education technology for classroom instruction presents. Host Amy Chodroff sits down with Nick Gearing, a Training and Development Specialist from EOS Education by Boxlight, to discuss the evolving landscape of technology in classrooms.

The conversation touches on the varying approaches school districts take toward technology policies, with some leading the way and others still finding their footing. Gearing emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between embracing technology and ensuring classroom control, participation, and equity. He also highlights the pressing need for a unified policy adaptable to different regions.

Gearing, drawing from his personal experiences, speaks about the equity issues concerning technology access, especially highlighted during the pandemic. He advocates for meaningful engagement with technology, ensuring it enhances the educational experience rather than overshadowing it.

The discussion also touches on the potential educational value of platforms like TikTok and the importance of meaningful professional training for educators. Gearing stresses the need for teachers to embrace the uncomfortable, as technology is rapidly changing, and students are often ahead of the curve.

The integration of technology in classroom instruction is a multifaceted issue, requiring collaboration between educators, students, and parents. As the digital age progresses, all stakeholders must be on the same page, ensuring that technology serves as a tool for enhancement and not a distraction.

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