SkillPointe: The Leading Career Exploration Site for Non-Four-Year Degrees


Key Points: 

  • SkillPointe highlights job types often overlooked in traditional four-year degrees.
  • SkillPointe covers diverse job types critical to society, including construction and manufacturing.
  • SkillPointe connects users to training programs and earn-and-learn opportunities.


SkillPointe has emerged as the top career exploration site for non-four-year degree pathways in just four years. While there is an abundance of information on traditional four-year degrees, SkillPointe recognizes the need to highlight job types that are often overlooked. The skilled trades industry, which makes up a significant portion of the job types covered on SkillPointe, is projected to have over 17 million job openings in the next five years.

SkillPointe organizes job types under 10 industries, including construction and manufacturing, recognizing the importance of these jobs to the US economy and our personal well-being. From dental hygienists to electricians to welders, SkillPointe covers a diverse range of job types critical to society. The platform not only provides valuable information but also connects users to widely available training programs and earn-and-learn programs.

As a bridge between job seekers and employers in the skilled trades industry, SkillPointe is dedicated to equipping individuals with the resources to make informed career choices. Whether you’re a student exploring career options, a professional seeking a career change, or an employer in need of skilled talent, SkillPointe offers comprehensive information and connections for success.

Visit SkillPointe’s website to access valuable insights and opportunities in the world of skilled trades. With its focus on non-four-year degree pathways and commitment to empowering individuals, SkillPointe is the premier destination for career exploration in the skilled trades industry.

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