Student Creativity Faces Challenges With Standardized Testing and Academic Pressures

November 8, 2023

One of the many concerns facing the development of students today is the decline of student creativity. With frequent curriculum changes, more and increasing expectations, along with the pressure to excel academically, schools seem to inadvertently drift away from nurturing creativity and curiosity. The strict focus on standard tests and memorization has painted classrooms with a monochrome of rigidity that often sidelines imaginative exploration, artistic expression, and the natural wonder that fuels young minds.

Preston Trebas, STEM Training and Development Specialist at BoxLight, unveiled some of the layers of this issue for an episode of BoxLight and explored some insights into the pressing realities teachers navigate daily. Some of the pressing thoughts were: How do teachers reconcile the external pressures with their desire to ignite student creativity in their classrooms? How does the current educational climate cultivate or curtail the inherent creativity every child possesses? Trebas tackled what’s contributing to this change. 

Written by Alexandra Simon.

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