Sue Wasiolek & Cooper Jones says

College life has become more personalized and diversified with seemingly endless choices for students, but one student life platform is making this kind of discovery easier for students and administrators both. On this episode of the EdTech podcast brought to you by Marketscale, host Daniel Litwin sits down with Sue Wasiolek, better known as Dean Sue, Associate VP for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Duke University and Cooper Jones, co-founder and CEO of New York-based Rah Rah.

The online platform began as a wellness app and has evolved as a “first-of-its-kind student life system (SLS) that makes campuses more accessible, discoverable, and connected, so students can make the most of their time at school.”

When students are faced with countless programs, resources, and opportunities, Dean Sue says administrators find it challenging to educate their student body what’s available to them. Plus, students find it difficult to get all the information they need once something piques their interest. “The term I use a lot is overwhelmed by so many choices,” she says.

“When you have a dining system, a transportation system, an engagement platform, and a wellness platform, they provide a lot of helpful resources but aren’t used as much by students because they’re overwhelmed with it,” Cooper says. “Our goal with Rah Rah is to create this one holistic system that meets students with what they expect [as a seamless experience].”

Sue says ultimately their mission all goes back to the student. “How do we continue to support students in their journey to flourishing?”

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