Tech-Driven Student Safety: Unpacking the Power of Raptor Reunification

February 14, 2023


In an era where the safety of students is paramount, technology is offering ingenious solutions for effective school management. Among these is the Raptor reunification program – a tool that revolutionizes how schools manage the vital task of connecting students with their guardians in emergency situations. Often, the administrative process of tracking, verifying, and then reunifying students with their caregivers can be complex and time-consuming. However, the Raptor reunification program streamlines these steps into an efficient, easy-to-use process, helping educational institutions overcome logistical obstacles and prevent possible miscommunications. It underpins the essence of orderly procedure, while also reinforcing the sense of safety for both students and parents. Now, more than ever, it’s vital that our schools are equipped with such innovative solutions. To shed light on practical implications, Tim Leeseberg, Director of Safety and Security at Highland Country Public School, who has firsthand experience with the program, will discuss how it has shaped their school’s approach to student safety.

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