The Economic Consequences of Bad Legislation

November 1, 2023
Mike Matranga

In a candid and impassioned discussion, Mike Matranga, CEO of M6 Global Defense, and Mike Monsive, CEO of ASAP Security, delve into the deep-rooted issues plaguing American politics today. They explore instances of elected officials behaving with impunity, disregarding accountability, and reflect on the dire consequences of such actions. During their conversation, Matranga and Monsive call for a reevaluation of the political landscape, stressing the importance of honesty, transparency, and holding representatives accountable to ensure the best interests of the nation are served.

Main Points from the Conversation

  • The Impact of Elected Officials’ Behavior on Business: Matranga and Monsive discuss how political decisions and the behavior of elected officials can have a direct impact on businesses and why business owners should engage in political discourse.
  • The Lack of Accountability in Politics: The conversation delves into specific examples of elected officials evading accountability and how this behavior is detrimental to the democratic process.
  • A Call for Change: Both CEOs stress the need for greater transparency, integrity, and accountability in American politics, urging fellow business owners to speak out and hold their representatives accountable.

This Episode is a Continuation of this Conversation.

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