Educational technology is not a new concept. Whether in a small classroom or a vast lecture theatre, the role of audiovisual technology has played an important, if not always significant, role in the way lessons are taught and the way students learn.

In today’s 21st century digital world, we are far removed from wheeling a TV and VCR into the classroom – the opportunities for educational tech to enhance learning have never been greater or more varied. Regular visitors to ISE or Bett Show have been able to visualise and appreciate the market’s continued evolution – with hundreds, if not thousands, of companies promising the next variation of ‘revolutionary’ and ‘innovative’ products.

With global spending expected to top $314 billion by 2025 (up 11% per annum), and considering these uncertain times, finding the right solution and getting maximum return on investment are imperative. The beauty, and perhaps the curse, of educational technology, though, is in its variety. Delivering a solution that takes classrooms and educational settings seamlessly from the status quo into the future, with software that is intuitive for educators and students to use, is key.

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