The Lifeline of Crisis Management: Effective Communication

November 22, 2023
Mike Matranga

In an age where communication should be seamless, why is it that institutions, particularly in the realm of security, often choose silence as their response to crises? Join host Mike Matranga and special guest Anastasiya Bolton as they dissect the crucial importance of communication in security incidents, debunking the notion that less is more.

The Cost of Silence:

Matranga and Bolton explore the common thread running through security mistakes and failures: a lack of understanding or a refusal to acknowledge the paramount importance of effective communication. Drawing from real-life examples, including a school shooting incident in 2013, they shed light on how silence can have lasting consequences. In this particular case, the school district’s refusal to communicate left a community in distrust, a sentiment that still lingers years later.

Facing the Uncomfortable:

Matranga and Bolton make a compelling case for accountability through communication. They emphasize the need for individuals in positions of power to step up, even when it’s uncomfortable or painful. Transparency, they argue, is the key to rebuilding trust and ensuring that victims and their families have the information they deserve.

Breaking Down the Barriers:

Bolton shares insights into the legal complexities surrounding communication during crises. While liability is a concern, the hosts stress that owning up to mistakes is a far better strategy than silence. They advocate for a proactive approach: acknowledging errors, expressing regret, and outlining concrete steps for improvement.

The Power of Words:

Both Matranga and Bolton concur that words matter, and platitudes won’t suffice. Whether it’s corporate spokespeople, school districts, or elected officials, meaningful communication is the path forward. A sincere apology, combined with a commitment to change, can turn a crisis into an opportunity for growth.


Tune in to “The Lifeline of Crisis Management: Effective Communication” on SecurED for a thought-provoking discussion on the pivotal role of communication in security incidents. The hosts leave us with a clear message: silence may seem like the easy way out, but owning up to mistakes and engaging in meaningful dialogue is the true path to resolution and rebuilding trust.

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