The Power of Boxlight Technologies Transforms Clayton County Public Schools

March 18, 2024


The landscape of education has seen much evolution and school districts like Clayton County Public Schools have emerged as a beacon of innovation and commitment to student achievement, thanks to the leadership of Dr. Anthony Smith, district staff, educators, and the Boxlight team. Recognizing the central role of technology in modern learning, the district under Dr. Smith’s guidance and that of Rod Smith, the district’s Chief of Technology Officer, has dramatically transformed its instructional infrastructure. This shift was not merely about acquiring new hardware, but is also a holistic approach that embraces safety, academic excellence, financial stability, and infrastructural upgrades as its core priorities. Central to this transformation was a partnership with Boxlight, a collaboration that went beyond the mere supply of interactive flat panels and extended into comprehensive teacher support and professional development. 

Dr. Smith’s leadership as Superintendent of Clayton County Public Schools, and its partnership with Boxlight, is a testament to his dedication to both technological advancement and the broader educational mission of Clayton County. By integrating Boxlight’s technology with a focus on human capital, his district has not only enhanced classroom engagement but has also fostered a culture of continuous learning among teachers and students alike. Leaders like Dr. Smith and his staff know all too well the impact of technology on education and is a visionary leader who harnesses innovation for the greater good of student learning.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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