Transforming Education with Custom Readers: Empowering Students and Engaging Faculty for Academic Success

July 1, 2023

Billy Middleton from Stevens Institute of Technology discusses the impact of custom readers on student learning and faculty engagement. The newly renamed course, “Foundations of Writing and Critical Inquiry,” utilizes the Xanadu custom reader to enhance written and oral communication skills necessary for academic and professional success. The custom reader enables diverse and engaging texts that resonate with students, bridging the gap between academic writing and real-world applications. By incorporating a section devoted to composition, students not only learn essential writing skills but also connect them to the course theme of community. The affordability, annotation-friendly design, and passionate faculty selection of texts further contribute to student engagement and active reading. This innovative approach to education addresses global issues, socioeconomics, and equal rights, fostering a shared experience among first-year students. The podcast also highlights the seamless process of creating the custom reader, with Xanadu’s support in obtaining rights and ensuring a smooth experience for faculty.

  • Custom Readers: Revolutionizing Higher Education through Empowerment and Engagement: Explore the transformative role of custom readers in higher education, empowering students and engaging faculty through curated collections of diverse texts that align with course themes and spark student interest.
  • Enhancing Academic Success: The Impact of Custom Readers: Discover how custom readers positively impact student learning and faculty engagement, offering a dynamic learning experience that promotes active reading, critical thinking, and intellectual exploration, while aligning course content with faculty expertise.
  • Beyond Traditional Textbooks: The Advantages of Custom Readers in Higher Education: Uncover the benefits of custom readers as an alternative to traditional textbooks, providing affordability, flexibility, and relevant content that caters to course objectives, fostering active learning, critical analysis, and the development of essential communication skills.
  • Active Learning through Custom Readers: Fostering Critical Thinking: Explore how custom readers facilitate active learning by encouraging students to engage with texts through annotations, promoting critical thinking, making connections, and exploring diverse perspectives for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  • Faculty Collaboration and Custom Readers: Enhancing Student Engagement: Discover the impact of faculty collaboration in designing custom readers, creating a cohesive learning environment that reflects faculty expertise and passion, fostering a sense of ownership and investment, and leading to enhanced student engagement, motivation, and appreciation for the subject matter.

LinkedIn – Billy Middleton

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