Trust Changes Everything with Kim Nelson

The word trust is synonymous with many things. For some, trust means having confidence in something, believing in something, or having faith. For others, trust means having responsibility and accountability. No matter how you define trust, it remains an integral part of our everyday lives. Not only does trust help build connections and deepen relationships, but it supports a level of unparalleled transparency and communication in many different situations. So, how can trust change your perspective?

In the latest episode of Change Starts Here brought to you by FranklinCovey, Dustin Odham hosts a discussion with guest Kim Nelson, Coach and Consultant with FranklinCovey Education, about the power of trust.

The two discuss:

  • How building trust is critical within the educational landscape
  • How trust plays a major role in everyday life
  • How leadership and trust pre and post-COVID has affected school and district performance

“I think it’s one of those things too, that when you walk into a school you can feel it. You feel a sense of trust in a building or the lack of – it’s the elephant in the room, and so, we have to be willing to confront things head on and, like I said, use those trust behaviors like being transparent, righting wrongs, some of those things and that’s hard,” said Nelson.

Kim Nelson is a long-time educator based in Alden, Iowa and has worked as a Coach and Consultant for FranklinCovey for the past six years. Her mission statement, “To encourage and inspire others to find their greatness” has helped her serve over 32 schools in Iowa and Minnesota. She earned her Master’s in Education Leadership from the University of Northern Iowa.

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