What Do Educators Need to Know About Texas House Bill 13?

June 16, 2023


In this episode of the SecurED Podcast, join host Mike Matranga from M6 Global Defense as he engages in a crucial discussion with Mike Monsive, CEO of ASAP Security Services, on Texas House Bill 13 and its implications for educators.

The objective is to foster safer school environments. The conversation delves into the proposal to grant a $25,000 stipend for educators willing to carry weapons on campus. Important questions arise regarding potential challenges, concerns, and considerations surrounding this issue.

Matranga and Monsive explore the provisions and objectives of Texas House Bill 13, also known as the Sentinel Bill, which aims to enhance school safety. They examine the potential drawbacks and limitations of arming educators. Comprehensive training and ongoing proficiency assessments are recognized as crucial for effective implementation. Addressing these points provides listeners with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities and implications of the legislation.

The discussion sheds light on the implications and challenges of Texas House Bill 13 for educators and school safety efforts. By exploring different perspectives and drawing from their extensive knowledge, Matranga and Monsive offer a nuanced understanding of the topic. They emphasize the importance of thoughtful consideration and comprehensive strategies in creating secure educational environments.

Overall, this episode of SecurED Podcast offers an informative and engaging exploration of the controversial Texas House Bill 13. It highlights the need to balance safety concerns with effective and sustainable approaches to protect students and educators.

Main points of conversation:

  • The provisions and objectives of Texas House Bill 13, also known as the Sentinel Bill.
  • The potential drawbacks and limitations of arming educators as a means of enhancing school safety.
  • The need for comprehensive training and ongoing proficiency assessments to ensure effective implementation.

Guest Co-Host Bio:

Mike Monsive is the CEO of ASAP Security Services, bringing extensive experience and expertise in the field of security. With a background in tactical operations and a former member of the counter-assault team for the presidential detail, Monsive offers valuable insights into the complexities of school safety and the challenges associated with arming educators.

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