Additive Manufacturing & Metal Sealing

February 23, 2024


In this insightful episode of the Technetics podcast, Timothy Douglass sits down with Jonathan Kweder, the Director of R&D for North America at Technetics, to discuss the pioneering strides and challenges the company faces in integrating additive manufacturing (AM) into the production of metal seals. As the aerospace and new space sectors demand faster iteration and customization, Technetics explores the frontiers of 3D printing technology to reduce lead times and enhance product development. Kweder shares his expert perspective on the journey from initial experimentation with desktop machines to the complex realities of producing metal seals with AM, including the technological hurdles, the importance of material selection, and the potential for innovation in design and production.

The conversation navigates through the technical and commercial landscape of additive manufacturing, highlighting both its current limitations in precision and material consistency and its promising advantages for rapid prototyping and creative freedom in engineering. Despite the challenges, Kweder’s insights reveal a future where AM could revolutionize traditional manufacturing processes, offering improved thermal resistance, design flexibility, and potentially transforming the way metal seals are produced and used in critical applications. This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in the convergence of traditional industrial practices with cutting-edge manufacturing technologies, shedding light on the ongoing evolution within Technetics and the broader implications for the aerospace industry.

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