Breaking Down Barriers in the Flow Control Industry

March 8, 2024
Michelle Dawn Mooney


The landscape of the flow control industry, traditionally dominated by men, is changing. This shift is evident as we celebrate International Women’s Day, highlighting the significance of diversity and inclusion in sectors like engineered valves, pumps, and actuators. Studies show that companies with diverse leadership are 19% more likely to outperform their peers in terms of profitability. This fact underscores the importance of embracing varied perspectives in engineering fields. 

What challenges do women face in the flow control industry, and how can they overcome them? 

Flowcast, a podcast presented by Trillium Flow Technologies, tackles this question. Host Michelle Dawn Mooney welcomes guests Cissy Zhao, Managing Director at Trillium China, and Meghan Wichuk, Senior Vice President, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer at Trillium. They share their insights on thriving in a male-dominated industry. They cover: 

  • Overcoming Industry Challenges: The episode focuses on the obstacles Cissy and Mehgan have encountered and their strategies for success, highlighting resilience and determination. 
  • Promoting Workplace Diversity: They delve into Trillium Flow Technologies’ initiatives to create a more inclusive and diverse work environment. 
  • Guidance for Future Female Leaders: Cissy and Mehgan offer advice to women aiming for leadership roles, emphasizing authenticity, lifelong learning, and seizing opportunities. 

Cissy Zhao brings a wealth of experience from her years in sales and operational management across various multinational companies, including her significant contributions to the growth and expansion of Trillium’s facility in Suzhou, China. With an educational background in engineering, Cissy’s journey reflects her dedication to breaking stereotypes and leading with innovation. 

Mehgan Wichuk spent over two decades in the legal field, primarily within oil field services, before joining Trillium. Her transition to manufacturing highlights her adaptability and commitment to understanding the intricacies of a new industry, all while championing diversity and inclusion within the corporate landscape. 

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