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The Fourth Industrial Revolution – A Game Changer for the Pump Industry

On this episode of FlowCast by Trillium Flow Technologies, host Courtney Echerd talked with Neil Langdown, Global Product Director of Pumps at Trillium, about the fourth industrial revolution in the pump industry. The first industrial revolution was mechanization, with things such as the water wheel, windmill and steam power. The second was around the early […]

The Ultimate In Excellent Customer Service? Partnership with Your Clients

Why does someone choose to do business with one company over another? What’s the differentiating factor? In this episode of FlowCast, a Trillium Flow Technologies podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sought to answer that question with Trillium Divisional Managing Director Nick Adcock, an accomplished global business leader with experience across several key markets, including oil and […]

Flowcast: How Trillium Flow Technologies Addresses Old and New Energy Challenges

  Anyone who has tracked the energy industry over the past decade can affirm just how much the market has changed. But, in all that time, many legacy companies remain at the top of their field. How do these companies adapt to this constantly changing environment, and what can other energy professionals learn from them? […]