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Hiller grand opening

The Hiller Grand Opening

  The Hiller grand opening of its new facility and location marks exciting news for the nuclear power industry. As the energy demand continues to grow, the nuclear power industry is shifting from large base-load nuclear plants to smaller, more compact designs known as small modular reactors. With this shift comes the need for innovative […]

FlowCast: Aftermarket Services Help Businesses Grow And Keep Customers Satisfied

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, aftermarket services have become a pivotal aspect of customer satisfaction and business growth. As industries continue to innovate, the demand for efficient, reliable, and high-quality services has surged. A recent study indicates that these services are a significant revenue stream and a key differentiator in the market for businesses. […]

Smart Flow Technology

Trillium Flow Technologies Unveils Innovative Smart Flow Technology

  In an era where Industry 4.0 is transforming the approach of manufacturing and maintenance, Trillium Flow Technologies keeps ahead of the trends with continual product enhancements and new product development, including investment in 3D technology. One of Trillium’s latest innovations is its smart flow technology, which provides a broad-based IIoT strategy through a combination […]

hydrogen market

Trillium’s Role in the Growing Hydrogen Market

Hydrogen is considered a greener and better alternative to other forms of gas energy production. It reduces emissions and can be produced from many sources, as opposed to only fossil fuels. The hydrogen market has a promising future but there are some key areas that need to be explored with its growth. Where is the […]

FlowCast: Termomeccanica Pompe Joins Trillium Flow Technologies

  David Paradis, CEO of Trillium Flow Technologies, joined host Michelle Dawn Mooney to make an exciting announcement. Trillium recently completed the acquisition of Termomeccanica Pompe. Termomeccanica is a 110-year-plus company from Italy that offers an extensive range of highly engineered vertical turbine and split case pumps used in water transmission, desalination, power generation, and […]

Recruiting for a Sustainable Future

Recruiting for a Sustainable Future

  Innovative companies know it’s possible to do well by doing good. Many firms have reaped financial benefits by committing to sustainable business practices. Trillium initiated environmental, social, and governance changes by recruiting employees into a specialized team in 2019. Trillium Flow Technologies Senior Vice President Mehgan Wichuk said, “When I was able to start […]

World Water Day

World Water Day

World Water Day began in 1993 and has occurred on March 22nd every year since. This celebration of water seeks to raise awareness for the 2.2 billion people on the planet who live without access to safe water. Joshua Jensen, Senior Sales Director, Western Hemisphere for Trillium Flow Technologies, spoke to Michelle Dawn Moody about […]

Surviving Supply Chain Disruption During a Global Pandemic

Surviving Supply Chain Disruption During a Global Pandemic

In this episode of Trillium Flow Technologies‘ FlowCast podcast, host Hilary Kennedy sat down with Webster Madole — who serves as Senior Vice President of Global Operations and Supply Chain at Trillium — to discuss what factors are crucial for supply chain execution during times marked by unpredictability and constantly changing conditions. Madole, whose work […]

FlowCast: A Fast Track to Supply Valves

  The well-publicized, recent and ongoing supply shortage of a wide range of materials is leading many manufacturers to postpone or reschedule projects, effectively leaving them on the table. But Red Point Alloys BV’s’ (RPA) success in overcoming that obstacle with that company’s focal product, supply valves, is a feat that — according to General […]

FlowCast Covers Pressure Relief Valves

FlowCast: Growth Opportunities for Pressure Relief Valves

  The world of pressure relief values is a global one, with opportunities growing each day. And it was in another section of the globe, Bryan Voytilla, Global Product Director, Pressure Relief Valves at Trillium Flow Technologies, recently found himself. Voytilla recently returned from Trillium’s two manufacturing facilities in France, and he brought home some […]

Leveraging Technology To Meet Customer Needs

The amount of data, data sources, tools, and technologies has increased tremendously, and companies have had a hard time keeping up. Some companies have kept up and evolved to make sure to thrive in their sectors. Trillium is one of those companies thriving. On this episode of FlowCast by Trillium Flow Technologies, Host Hilary Kennedy […]

The Fourth Industrial Revolution – A Game Changer for the Pump Industry

On this episode of FlowCast by Trillium Flow Technologies, host Courtney Echerd talked with Neil Langdown, Global Product Director of Pumps at Trillium, about the fourth industrial revolution in the pump industry. The first industrial revolution was mechanization, with things such as the water wheel, windmill and steam power. The second was around the early […]

The Ultimate In Excellent Customer Service? Partnership with Your Clients

Why does someone choose to do business with one company over another? What’s the differentiating factor? In this episode of FlowCast, a Trillium Flow Technologies podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sought to answer that question with Trillium Divisional Managing Director Nick Adcock, an accomplished global business leader with experience across several key markets, including oil and […]

Flowcast: How Trillium Flow Technologies Addresses Old and New Energy Challenges

  Anyone who has tracked the energy industry over the past decade can affirm just how much the market has changed. But, in all that time, many legacy companies remain at the top of their field. How do these companies adapt to this constantly changing environment, and what can other energy professionals learn from them? […]