Can Geely Join the Ranks of Luxury EV Brands?

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Some of the recent talk about the growing market for electric vehicles has centered around making EV offerings more affordable to capture a broader swath of would-be owners – but Geely is taking a different approach.

The China-based auto manufacturer and parent company for Volvo and Daimler AG is expanding its vision and footprint in the EV market and plans to announce a brand-new brand and sales strategy for a luxury electric vehicle. The company’s vision is to create a vehicle with a Mercedes Benz level of premium quality to compete with Tesla’s growing footprint across the globe.

To learn more, host and Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin invited Professor John Helveston, Assistant Professor of Engineering Management and Systems Engineering at George Washington University, onto this episode of MarketScale TV.

According to Statista, China is on track to produce somewhere around 10 million battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in 2022, considerably more than any of the other nations on the list, with the United States clocking in at only around 2.5 million.

The duo dove into how Geely’s Chinese manufacturing base could combine with its global presence to allow for tremendous scale, as well as how the company’s move intersects with the wider EV footprint in China, how it might leverage the supply chain in the country and beyond, and more.

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