Discover the Unmatched Capabilities of HELICOFLEX® Seals

October 30, 2023
Ian Loudon

Discover the superior adaptability and precision of HELICOFLEX® seals, featuring our engineering and manufacturing facilities in St. Etienne, France. HELICOFLEX® seals are designed to withstand a diverse array of challenging conditions including cryogenic environments, high temperatures, vacuum, and high pressures. This video underscores the seals’ exemplary resistance to aging and corrosion, facilitated by a variety of available linings and coatings. With an exceptional leak rate in all circumstances, HELICOFLEX® seals epitomize reliability, showcasing a product tailored to meet the demanding needs of critical applications.

Next, see the vital role of HELICOFLEX® seals in the groundbreaking ITER project, exemplifying our dedication to engineering products that meet the rigorous standards of the fusion industry. The unveiling of the special variant, TEXEAL®, underscores our continuous innovation; its unique laser finishing enhances sealing properties while optimizing clamping forces, making it a prime choice for molten salt reactors and semiconductor applications. Through engagement in major global projects across various industries, the narrative reflects our unwavering commitment to driving innovation, meeting and exceeding the evolving demands of modern industry with our HELICOFLEX® seals.

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