Monitoring for Electro-Mechanical Failure Mechanisms

July 13, 2023


On this installment of The Volta Minute, Takis Zourntos, VP of Products and R&D at Volta Energy, we gained exclusive insights into their cutting-edge IoT platform and automated intelligence solution. With a focus on continuous monitoring of electrical assets, Volta Insite offers a full stack IoT platform that revolutionizes the way anomalies are detected. Zourntos revealed a fascinating connection between the behavior of mechanical systems and the electrical data of motors. By monitoring torque variations in the motors, Volta Insite can detect deviations from normal behavior and identify potential issues.

During the interview, Zourntos explained the intricate relationship between the mechanical systems and the motors. Any changes or anomalies in the mechanical systems manifest as small torque variations on the motor. These torque variations, in turn, create current variations in the electrical data collected by Volta Insite. By analyzing this data in either the time or frequency domain, the platform can pinpoint any deviations from the expected behavior.

The implications of this breakthrough technology are significant. With Volta Insite’s automated intelligence solution, asset monitoring becomes proactive rather than reactive. By detecting deviations early on, businesses can address potential issues before they escalate, saving time, money, and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Volta Insite’s IoT platform stands out from traditional monitoring methods. By leveraging automated intelligence and real-time data analysis, they provide a comprehensive solution for continuous monitoring of electrical assets. This not only increases operational efficiency but also enhances asset management and maintenance strategies.

The conversation with Zourntos shed light on real-world applications where Volta Insite’s IoT platform has already made a substantial impact. From industrial machinery to critical infrastructure, businesses across various sectors are leveraging this technology to optimize performance, reduce downtime, and mitigate risks.

Looking ahead, Zourntos hinted at exciting developments on the horizon. Volta Insite plans to enhance their IoT platform further, incorporating advancements in sensor technologies and data security measures. With a relentless focus on innovation, Volta Insite continues to push the boundaries of asset monitoring and pave the way for a more connected and intelligent future.

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