Practical Preppers: An Engineer’s Perspective of Amazing Solar Power Solutions

January 1, 2023

Engineer 775 takes us on a tour of his solar power shed and shares his enthusiasm for Sol-Ark and their exceptional products. With six years of experience and over 30 installations under his belt, he highlights the outstanding customer service provided by Sol-Ark, making it a pleasure to work with them.

Engineer 775 is particularly impressed with the power and features of the Sol-Ark inverters. As he showcases a 15k inverter, he demonstrates the impressive power being harnessed from his 17-kilowatt solar array, highlighting the remarkable capabilities of Sol-Ark inverters. Their flexibility stands out, allowing compatibility with any 48-volt battery and the ability to work seamlessly with any type of generator. This flexibility opens up a world of possibilities for tailored system designs.

Clean and compact installations are another aspect that Engineer 775 appreciates about Sol-Ark inverters. He showcases an installation of two 12k inverters, emphasizing the clean and organized setup. The compact design of Sol-Ark inverters makes them space-efficient and user-friendly.

Engineer 775 also praises the monitoring capabilities provided by Sol-Ark. The ability to easily monitor and track system performance through online platforms and mobile apps adds convenience and peace of mind for both the installer and the customer.

The star of the show is the 15k inverter, which Engineer 775 has been beta testing for over a month. He highlights its incredible capabilities, such as AC coupling up to 19 kilowatts from an existing array and the option to run the entire house without the need for a critical loads panel. The versatility and performance of the 15k inverter impress Engineer 775, showcasing Sol-Ark’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of solar power solutions.

Engineer 775 emphasizes the efficiency of Sol-Ark installations, sharing that they can typically complete a project within three to five days, depending on weather conditions and specific requirements. This efficiency, combined with the reliability and performance of Sol-Ark inverters, solidifies his commitment to continuing his business partnership with Sol-Ark.

Through his firsthand experience, Engineer 775 affirms that he has explored other options in the market but hasn’t found any that compare to Sol-Ark. The exceptional performance, flexibility, and monitoring capabilities, coupled with their clean installations, make Sol-Ark the preferred choice for him and his customers.

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