STOT ME- 6th Annual Shutdowns & Turnarounds Conference 2024

March 21, 2024


WSI is honored to announce its sponsorship as a silver sponsor of the upcoming 6th STOT ME – Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages Technical Conference and Exhibition, scheduled to take place from May 28th to 30th, 2024, in Al-Khobar, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This conference serves as a pivotal platform for industry professionals to convene and exchange insights, strategies, and best practices for effectively managing refineries and petrochemical plants.

WSI eagerly anticipates this event and looks forward to contributing its wealth of knowledge and practical solutions to the discourse. WSI specializes in equipment life extension solutions, utilizing the application of overlay to offer long-term solutions for equipment affected by base material loss caused by erosion and corrosion.

WSI cordially invites all shutdown and turnaround managers and maintenance, reliability, and operations professionals to join them at the conference. Please take this opportunity to network with WSI’s technical experts, gain valuable insights into our comprehensive shop and field services, and explore how WSI can collaborate to address any operational challenges effectively.

WSI is excited about connecting with professionals at the event and exchanging ideas to advance the industry. See you there!

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