Taking to the Skies to Revolutionize Oil Drilling at Sea

The use of drones has promised to revolutionize the speed at which inspections can be done and the precision with which they can perform them, all while keeping workers out of harm’s way. However, for the most part, the drone revolution has been very slow to take flight in the oil and gas industry. This is partially because of the conservative nature the business as well as the economics of the technology, which haven’t fully scaled yet.

DronePro CEO Joey Johnston spoke with us about how drones have evolved the capabilities to fly in rainy conditions that would sideline a standard employee, how the Middle East is now ready to use unmanned aerial vehicles, and the concerns oil and gas executives have about the cost of using them.

What Are Drones Allowing Oil And Gas Companies To Do?


What Concerns Are You Hearing About Implementing Drones?


What Developments Have Happened This Year In Drones?



How Are Drones Solving Offshore Challenges?


What Regions Are Most Ready to Adopt the Use of Drones?


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