Technetics Group Announces Extended Partnership with CEA

January 29, 2024


In a landmark collaboration that has spanned over half a century, Technetics Group France and the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) have exemplified the strength and potential of Government-Industry partnerships. Centered around the MAESTRAL Laboratory in Pierrelatte, France, this alliance has been pivotal in advancing research and development in industrial sealing solutions, a critical component across various industrial sectors. The partnership’s expertise in sealing technology plays a vital role in ensuring the reliability of energy transition technologies, especially in the nuclear power sector, and has recently expanded to include the burgeoning hydrogen sector, aligning with Technetics’ strategic focus.

August 2023 marked a significant evolution in this enduring partnership, with Technetics Group France and the CEA signing a new framework collaboration agreement. This expansion extends their cooperative efforts beyond the MAESTRAL Laboratory, delving into broader areas of expertise and operations within the CEA. This move fortifies the existing synergy and opens avenues for a multi-activity collaboration aimed at designing and developing innovative solutions. This extended partnership is poised to reinforce Technetics’ vision of becoming the global benchmark for high-performance sealing solutions in demanding environments. Enpro, Technetics Group’s parent organization, may also encompass other activities.

How does the fusion of industry expertise and government research redefine innovation in critical sectors like nuclear energy and renewable technologies?

Magali Davezac, the Director of Technology and Innovation at Technetics Group, and Jean-Jacques Darque, The EMEA Sales Director at Technetics Group, offer insights into this synergy. They emphasize the transformative impact of their partnership with the CEA, highlighting, “We have recently extended our contract with the CEA to be able to work with older apartments… It’s a chance for Technetics to have this privileged partnership… to propose innovative solutions for specific applications.”

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