Touring a Solar-Powered Home: The Sol-Ark Advantage

January 1, 2023

Join us as we take you on a tour of a remarkable mid-century home powered by a Sol-Ark system. The team begins by highlighting the architectural features of the 1963 model, noting the incorporation of stone from the exterior to the interior, lower ceilings leading to spacious areas, and the addition of a guest bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, offering a picturesque view.

Moving into the power room, they explain how they repurposed space from the kitchen to create this essential area, which is one of two in the entire house. They point out the clever use of stone found in the yard, transforming it into a striking feature wall, blending seamlessly with the living space.

The conversation naturally leads to the solar system powering the home. The installer praises the ease of installation of the Sol-Ark inverter, mentioning that it is a popular choice among do-it-yourself enthusiasts. They highlight how anyone with basic skills and knowledge can go online, purchase a Sol-Ark inverter directly, and set up their own solar system without the need for a professional contractor or licensing.

They explain that their decision to install solar was driven by the desire to back up essential areas of the home, such as the master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. The installer emphasizes the smooth and seamless transfer time of the Sol-Ark system, comparing it to a UPS-grade transfer that ensures uninterrupted power supply, making it ideal for environments like server rooms and offices where continuity is crucial.

Wrapping up the tour, the contractor expresses gratitude for the Sol-Ark system, acknowledging the power it brings and the convenience it offers. They sign off, leaving a message of empowerment and appreciation for the solar-powered lifestyle.

This video tour showcases the successful integration of solar power into a home, highlighting the user-friendly nature of Sol-Ark inverters and their affordability. It also emphasizes the system’s ability to provide backup power to essential areas of the home, ensuring uninterrupted functionality during outages. The tour serves as a testament to the reliability and convenience of Sol-Ark systems, making them an excellent choice for homeowners seeking sustainable and resilient energy solutions.

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