A New Era in Pump Technology Innovation

February 6, 2024
Michelle Dawn Mooney


Technological advancements are reshaping industries, and Trillium Flow Technologies stands at the forefront with its groundbreaking product launches for 2024. During a recent episode of FlowCast, Michelle Dawn Mooney delved deep into this innovation, revealing how Trillium’s integration of its Gabbioneta Pumps and Termomeccanica Pompe brands facilitated the development of new standards in pump technology. With a heritage that spans over 200 years, Trillium’s latest offerings reach far beyond product enhancement,  but also about shaping the future of fluid movement technologies.

How will Trillium’s strategic integration of its product lines redefine the pump industry, and what does this mean for the future of engineered valves, pumps, and actuators?
Sam Eccels, the Product Director for Pumps and Ricardo Ciceri, the Engineering Director at Trillium join Michelle Dawn Mooney on the show to discuss the company’s innovative product launches for 2024 and their implications for the industry. They focus on:
  • Trillium’s relaunched product portfolio, including integrated offerings from Gabbioneta Pumps and Termomeccanica Pompe brands.
  • Challenges faced during the integration process and strategies employed to overcome them.
  • Future plans for Trillium, including vertical product rationalization and ongoing R&D projects.
Sam Eccles boasts an impressive 17-year career in the pump industry, including various roles in commercial operations, quality, engineering, and product management. Ricardo Ciceri, with over 25 years of experience, has been pivotal in product and project management at Trillium. Their combined expertise underscores Trillium’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

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