Navigating the Complex World of Energy and Economics

September 13, 2023
Tim Snyder


The latest episode of Gasonomics, hosted by Tim Snyder, Chief Economist with Matador Economics, focuses on the intricate dance between global alliances, energy markets, and the potential threats to the US Dollar’s dominance. As President Biden attends the G-20 Summit, the episode delves into the dynamics of the BRICS alliance, now expanded to BRIICS with the inclusion of Iran and their move towards a gold-based cryptocurrency. The episode also touches upon the importance of energy independence, the resilience of the US energy sector, and the controversial revelations from a Johns Hopkins University Scientist about the manipulation of data related to climate change and wildfires.

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As our world moves towards a greener future, the challenge of updating and expanding the capacity of the aging U.S. power grid has become a pivotal concern. Recent studies suggest that reconductoring—replacing old transmission lines with new, high-capacity conductors—can double or triple capacity without new rights-of-way, offering a quicker, cost-effective path towards integrating renewable […]

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The debate around restarting mothballed nuclear power plants is gaining momentum in the U.S., illustrated by the decision to revive the long-dormant Palisades Nuclear Plant. This pioneering move, marking the first such initiative in the nation, underscores a broader conversation about energy resilience and the strategic recalibration of America’s energy assets. Experts say to […]

Palisades nuclear power plant reopening
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As the world grapples with the urgent need for sustainable and clean energy solutions, nuclear power emerges as a vital component of the global energy mix. Years of nuclear energy fear-mongering and dwindling funding led to the closure of a significant portion of U.S. nuclear power plants over the last 40+ years. But in […]