Exploring the 3D Printing Revolution: From High-End Industry to Creative Enthusiasts


The 3D printing revolution is no longer a futuristic concept; it’s a present-day reality. Over the past decade, the additive manufacturing industry has undergone a seismic transformation, with a projected global market value of $34.8 billion by 2024. From intricate medical devices to jet engine prototypes, the adoption curve of 3D printing has soared, disrupting traditional industries. Meanwhile, hobbyists are tapping into this technology to craft personalized items ranging from jewelry to home decor. 

How is the 3D printing revolution transforming both the industrial landscape and the world of personal creativity? 

In the latest episode of Unlocking Potential, host Gabrielle Bejarano welcomes three experts to dive into the dynamic world of 3D printing. Wyatt Levy, Head of Product Development at Henkel, Beverly Tan, Founder of Ecovate 3D, and Kevin Joesel, Sales Executive at AMS Spectral UV, a Baldwin Technology Company, offer a panoramic view of the 3D printing spectrum, from its transformative impact on industries to empowering individual hobbyists. 

Bejarano, Levy, Tan, and Joesel’s discussion includes: 

  • The evolution of 3D printing and its transformative impact on industries and hobbyists 
  • The latest material innovations and prospects 
  • The blending of precision and creativity in 3D printing 

Wyatt Levy, the Head of Product Development at Henkel, brings expertise in photopolymer systems for DLP and Stereolithography-based 3D printing. Beverly Tan, the visionary behind Ecovate3D, offers a unique retail perspective with her space dedicated to 3D printers, filaments, and maintenance services. Rounding out the panel is Kevin Joesel, a sales maestro from Baldwin Technologies, whose 25-year industry tenure provides a deep understanding of the 3D printing landscape. 

Learn more about 3D printing by connecting with our guests: 

Wyatt Levy 

Beverly Tan 

Kevin Joesel 

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