Finding Solutions Around the Equipment Supply Chain Issues

March 4, 2022

Tyler Kern was joined by John Knudsen, Project Director, Designed Conveyor Systems, to discuss equipment lead times. Global supply chains have struggled with many challenges throughout the pandemic including fluctuating  lead times throughout the industry. Knudsen shared various challenges that the industry faces highlighting sourcing material, extended lead times, labor, resources, and transportation to sites as severe issues within the material handling world. Knudsen speaks to the “perfect storm” Covid created throughout the industry that includes an unmotivated workforce.

Knudsen discussed  how planning projects ahead of time and defining clear goals for operations are two of the best practices a company can employ during these pressing times. Planning ahead of time allows companies to be prepared to address unexpected challenges  While there is a long wait on lead times, planning in advance can aid in dealing with the changes found in today’s supply chain. Additionally, planning for capacity can save many headaches in how to deal with them. Lastly, companies want to assess and define their goals to ensure they are aligned to support a company’s desired future state.  Goals allow for structure with flexibility when needed to support positive outcomes.

Knudsen shared more insight into making the planning process more effective for companies. He shared that augmenting the current process by adding off-the-shelf equipment with a short lead time and using equipment until you get the point for installation were methods to address the planning process.  Listen in to learn more about solving supply chain issues with industry expert John Knudsen.

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