How Modern Control Systems Help Maximize Gym Equipment and Space

Modern gymnasiums are well-rounded facilities. In one day, they might host different sports teams and a farmer’s market. The technology controlling these environments is evolving and helps these gyms transition between events.

On this episode of Engineering Value, A Draper® Podcast, host Tyler Kern talked with Neal Turner, the Director of Gymnasium Sales at Draper®. They spoke about gymnasium equipment, how far it’s come, its various uses and how technology has evolved to utilize these spaces.

There are still many gyms with equipment controlled by key switches, but the more extensive, better-equipped facilities, such as those used for collegiate and club purposes, often have control systems.

“It could be a simple keypad to operate it. It could be a touch screen or even an iPad or another type of tablet to operate your equipment,” Turner said.

Gymnasiums see a wider range of use these days, so having updated technology can quickly help gyms convert to different sports and other services. Many groups are vying for this space, such as bands, sports teams, dance clubs and drill teams.

In larger facilities, the same area might get used by sports teams and things such as farmer’s markets and craft fairs. According to Turner, time folding or taking down equipment is a lost opportunity for either.

“To accommodate these, it’s important to be able to switch the facility back and forth, from basketball to volleyball to open space,” Turner said. “That’s where controls come in and are more important in these types of facilities.”

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