On a Roll: The Right Adhesives for Roll Coating in Mattress Manufacturing

On a Roll seeks to answer the questions of, “Why roll coat?” and, “What adhesives should mattress manufacturers use?” Sharing his expertise is Steve Adams, Business Manager at Worthen Industries.

In mattress manufacturing, consistent, fast-drying adhesive is imperative. Adams explained that doing this by hand creates inconsistencies in quality, higher costs and more labor.

“Roll coating uses an automated machine so that operators can control, at every fine level, the adhesive spray. Performance and quality go up, while costs go down,” Adams said.

However, roll coating isn’t always easy. Adams went over some pain points end users have.

“It’s not easy to formulate a consistent adhesive to use in the machine that dries and solidifies quickly. Operators can have frustrations,” he added.

Further, adhesive can clump up, causing downtime. If the adhesive isn’t effective, it can also lead to wet mattresses, which could lead to mold growth.

“Another concern is, if mattresses are packaged too quickly, when customers open the box, the mattress never recovers; it’s a real quality issue,” Adams noted.

Worthen considers all these issues and is a long-time developer of adhesive, dating back to the beginnings of roll coating.

“We formulate these products to balance drying instantly and being stable. Ours also have a six-month or longer shelf life. We ensure our products work today, tomorrow and beyond,” Adams said.

He also advised that Worthen manufactures in the U.S. and has warehouses strategically located throughout the country, so they can serve their customers reliably.

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