Setting Well-Defined Expectations for Software Delivery

May 18, 2023

Understanding and utilizing distribution fulfillment software is critical in a warehouse environment. Just as important; receiving quality software delivery for warehouse execution systems.  

At this year’s ProMat 2023 conference, Designed Conveyor Systems unveiled its new proprietary warehouse execution systems (WES) called DATUM. This system’s design easily integrates with existing software systems to provide robust warehouse control to meet the needs of today’s technology-driven solutions. 

To learn more about DATUM and how to provide the right expectations for quality software delivery, On Time in Full’s Gabrielle Bejarano spoke with DCS’s Director of Software Delivery, Adam Bommer. 

Bejarano and Bommer covered the following during their conversation: 

  • DATUM’s launch strategy of ensuring a smooth product software delivery meeting all expectations and functionality  
  • Tips for high-quality delivery of software  
  • Utilizing automation in the software lifecycle 

“We had the opportunity to build this DATUM software from the ground up,” Bommer said. “There was no existing application or technical debt that we had to deal with, so we were able to build automation into the core of the product—leveraging CICD, which there are two parts to that. Continuous integration is the first part, and then continuous deployment is the second part. We built that into the core of our development process.” 

 About Adam 

Adam Bommer is an electrical engineer with a decade of experience in wireless networks and infrastructure architecture. Bommer is currently the director of software delivery for DCS- Designed Conveyor Systems. Bommer received his BS in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. 

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