A Digital Transformation at the Wisconsin Center District

June 16, 2023
irfan ullah

There is no shortage of event venues in major cities around the world, so how can one differentiate itself from competitors? The Wisconsin Center District is a convention, meeting, and event space in Milwaukee that has three diverse facility types including an exhibit hall, a sports arena, and a theatre. In an industry where you compete for business with every city across the globe, the Wisconsin Center District decided that in order to break through the noise, they needed to better understand their visitors. They needed a digital transformation that gave them the tools to enhance the guest experience and enable them to serve at a world-class level.

With the help of ExtremeCloud IQ, the Wisconsin Center District has been able to meet those goals and turned their IT department into a profit center by uniquely addressing each customer’s needs and by predicting network issues before the customer experiences them. The network has also given insight into specific events such as the ability to track traffic patterns and determine hot spots in the venue where customers are gathering, showing them what types of booths perform the best and how to set the room up to optimize the space for future events.

The Wisconsin Center District went into their digital transformation hoping to be able to better support their clients and guests but walked away with so much more than just that. They gained a stronger, more reliable network management system that gives them more insights and data to help them enhance their client and visitor experiences, enabling new sources of revenue they had never even imagined before!

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