Most everyone in the AV industry is always looking to keep up with the latest trends and innovations but there are always outliers. And this series aims to highlight some of the more peculiar set ups, mishaps, and errors.

The painting crew wanted a quick work around I suppose…

The installer was told if you open the door too wide the internet goes down…

It is always important for the AV crew to get along with the facility staff or this might happen.

Did someone challenge the installer to step up their game?

Hang in there satellite box!

It is important to be able to keep binge watching no matter what life (or death) throws at you.

The movie the Maze Runner might be based off of this install.

This is a PSA to only let professionals work on your racks.

If you stumble upon any AV Nightmares please submit them to us through the hashtag #msAVnightmares!