1. VR will make it easier to conceptualize projects. This will make it simpler for builders, designers, contractors and remodelers to work with clients to achieve their visions.
  2. Experiential marketing will help both businesses and consumers. VR will make it possible to tour college campuses without driving anywhere—or check out a new resort before deciding to book a vacation. 
  3. Learning new skills will be easier and more fun. Remember those simulators for learning to drive a vehicle? VR is like that—only exponentially better. The U.S. military is already using VR to train its personnel and this application will only grow.
  4. Remote control will go mainstream. VR will make it easier to fly a drone from far away—or even a spaceship.[1]

These are just a small sampling of the ways VR is poised to change the world. It’s exciting! Are you ready?