We live in a golden age of technological innovation, and the Food & Beverage industry is no stranger to seeing the benefits of everything from IoT devices to automation. Technology is not only shaping the way customers think about the food they eat, but also how chefs and restaurants are adapting to it. With the rise of socially driven food trends across social media from diets to eco-conscious movements, customers are letting their voices be heard, and the industry can’t ignore it.

We sat down with John Wood, Michelin Starred chef, Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador of Kitchen CUT, to get his take on the rising wave of new age tech in the restaurant industry. We discuss how businesses are beginning to adapt to the new available technology, and ultimately pinpoint the ways in which it makes operations easier for both customers and chefs. We also take a look at the future of the restaurant industry, and how this push towards reform will ultimately change how we look at dining experiences.

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