Alfa Laval Food and Water Division recently secured an order to install a top-to-bottom brewery line for approximately $38 million. Spokesmen for Alfa Laval said it was among the company’s largest orders ever for a brewery. The deal is being cited as confirmation that Alfa Laval’s technology can meet the highest of standards for consistency, performance, and efficiency.

The new line will take over the fermentation, maturation, and filtration processes that turn yeast into beer. Now that Mexico is posting beer production growth in excess of 8%, the country is positioning itself as the world’s fourth largest brewer. 10.5 billion liters of beer flowed from Mexico in 2016 alone.

Alfa Laval offers technologies for heat transfer and separation as well as systems to handle the heating, cooling, and separation of fluids. Their portfolio covers the beer brewing industries but extends to the production of food and beverages in a wide variety of industries. Currently, Alfa Laval operates in over 100 countries, employing more than 17,000, and taking in more than $4.65 billion in sales in 2016. The deal in Mexico will be a healthy addition to the rapidly growing company.