Poppin’ Bottles with Bottlecapps: An In-Depth Look at Changing Landscape of the Spirits Industry


On the inaugural episode of Poppin’ Bottles with Bottlecapps, Bottlecapps’ new podcast set to provide key insights about the food and beverage industry, innovation in the alcohol and spirits space, and the impact of today’s ever-changing digital, interconnected commerce environment, Voice of B2B Daniel Litwin was joined by guests Dr. Prashant Desai, Rachel Stowell and Corey Laney.

Desai serves as Executive Chairman & CEO of Bottlecapps, while Stowell is Pernod Ricard USA’s Digital Activation Coordinator and Laney is the Digital Director of Trade Marketing & Digital for Republic National Distributing Company.

Litwin, Desai, Stowell and Laney dove into how Bottlecapps, an online alcohol delivery mobile app aimed at helping businesses ensure efficient and effective delivery, is aimed at setting the pace in the ever-changing and digitally impacted landscape of the alcohol and spirits industry.

Stowell and Laney also highlighted where their own companies slot into this fast-paced industry, while the quartet tackled how the global shift toward a greater emphasis on ecommerce has touched the spirit industry uniquely.

The group also discussed how the current COVID-19 pandemic has shifted priorities across the industry, as well as how Bottlecapps’s capabilities and white-label, SaaS solution best serves the industry’s needs.

In particular, Bottlecapps has carved out a space helping retailers and wholesalers navigate the complex challenges surrounding alcohol delivery, changing and intimidating standards, and more.

Finally, Litwin and company took some time for some lighthearted discussion surrounding which drinks the host and guests envision themselves as, from brunch specialties to down-and-dirty shots.

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