People can buy anything they want with a click of a button these days. Why should alcohol be any exception?

Millennials have grown up their entire lives using technology, and they want to buy liquor the same way they have purchased everything else: through apps and online. This is how the generation has learned to interact with all industries and retailers, but this convenience and experience is what liquor stores have been slow to adapt to.

On this episode of “Popping Bottles with Bottlecapps,” Tyler Kern speaks with Chief Executive Officer Dr. Prashant, Senior Director of Marketing Corey Gerstner, and Chief Sales Officer Bish Mubarak, developers of an app called Bottlecapps, the largest branded app for liquor stores in the United States.

“All these kids that grew up making purchases on apps are 21 and they’re looking to buy liquor the way they know how,” says Mubarak.

The ability to reach out digitally helps liquor stores bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar locations and the growing world of e-commerce.

“Around 85% of shoppers go onto the web before they shop in brick and mortar spaces. You have to have those two dynamics,” Gerstner says.

With Bottlecapps, not only do customers have the ability to buy but the ability to look at recipes and things that enhance their drinking experience. For liquor store or bar and restaurant owners, this is great because they can continue to engage the customer when they are out of the store.

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